Our mission at Le Sommet Real Estate Agency is to offer a stimulating work environment in order to develop the autonomy of our real estate brokers towards the community. With this autonomy, they will be able to give good advice in terms of buying or selling properties, either residential or commercial, to the best price-quality ratio.

Le Sommet Real Estate Agency has a defined mission, which is to our image and to that of broker Hélène Théorêt. Because of our diplomacy, transparency, perseverance, and her daily follow-ups of our activities, Hélène Théorêt has a company that has distinguished itself from its competition since 1987. She can count on a number of partners and professionals that contribute to her success year after year.

Through our engagement with the community and our real estate brokers, t–hey can respond to your needs and the standards of their working environment. The feedback and satisfaction of our customers allow us to always improve our services and contribute to the continuous success of our transactions. Our slogan has always been: "For you and with you, people first". What is important for our team is the lives that we touch, and the people that we help. That is what gives a sense of purpose to our real estate company.

Choosing Le Sommet is choosing what is best for all your real estate needs. We offer many solutions to help you with your real estate transactions. If you want peace of mind during and after all your transactions, contact us! We are there to help you find the property that will best suit your needs and your budget or to help you sell quickly your property at the best market value. Get in touch with us, we are just a phone call away from a successful experience!

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